Miss Esme Approves

The Forever Axe Murderer seems to have arranged for an extra shipment of snow. Snow is Very Good. I approve.

The Forever Axe Murderer did tell me that I shouldn’t bounce on the World’s Dumbest Brother and squish him into a snow pile. So I wriggled around in the snow pile instead and I might have “accidentally” knocked him over. Oops.


Snow Day

Today when my people took me outside there was lots of that cold white stuff and it was very blowy and I bounced some and it was fun so I bounced some more and then all of a sudden it got dark and I squeaked and my people called me but I couldn’t find her in the dark and so I squeaked some more and something pulled my tail and I squeaked even more and my people said backupyoudimwit and I tried to bounce at her but there was something on my head so I squeaked more instead and something pulled on my tail again and pulled me backwards and it got light again and it was my people pulling my tail so I bounced some more and she said nexttimedontgetburied and then my sister bounced on my head.


Miss Esme is Very Helpful

The Forever Axe Murderer has a barfy tummy so she isn’t allowed to eat anything. I don’t like having a barfy tummy myself so I am being Helpful until she feels better. Today I was Extra Helpful. ¬†Another Axe Murderer gave the Forever Axe Murderer something called Chocolate. The Forever Axe Murderer isn’t supposed to eat Chocolate even though she says she likes to eat it, so I waited until she was thinking about something else and I climbed up on the counter and I took it away and ate it for her. (It was Pretty Good.)

The Forever Axe Murderer did not seem appreciative.

She told me I was a Bad Girl. This was Not Good. Then she fed me something that tasted Definitely Not Good. Then I got a Barfy Tummy, which was Very Not Good. The Forever Axe Murderer said it was Better Than Dying, Though, but I don’t know about that. I think she is just jealous that I got to eat the Chocolate and she didn’t.

(And I’m still going to keep an eye out in case any more of this Chocolate stuff shows up.)


Going Hiking

Today my people told me that another people was coming to take me hiking and I was really excited even though I didn’t really know what hiking was and then another people came to my house and I was really excited to meet her and she petted me and told me I was cute and my people went and got my leash and gave it to the other people and then the other people took me on a car ride and then we went for a walk and we went up a mountain and down a mountain and I got to bounce and I got to sniff a lot of things and I got to pee on a lot of things and the other people gave me treats and then she took me on a car ride and then we were home and my people said didyoulikehiking? and the other people said I was a good boy and I went and told my sisters all about it and…snoooorrrreeee…



Miss Esme Discovers Snow

When the Forever Axe Murderer took me outside yesterday there was white stuff on the ground. The Forever Axe Murderer says it is called Snow.


The World’s Dumbest Brother does not like Snow because it gets in his toe floof and freezes. I figured out how to keep that from happening to me though.


The Forever Axe Murderer said I was acting like an eel with epilepsy. I am not entirely sure what that means but I was too busy playing to worry about it. The Forever Axe Murderer also said that I could not stay outside all day because it was cold. I think that is a very silly reason.


Eventually I decided to come inside for breakfast.  Breakfast is Good. Not as Good as Snow, though. Snow is Extremely Very Good.